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Our commitment to the environment

A few words from the Green Committee:

The Green Committee’s goal at NNS is to review our total environmental impact, and implement changes where necessary and feasible. Specifically, this year we have the challenge of designing a system that can be codified for future years. The goal is longitudinal, and is directly involved with our children’s learning experience. This goal breaks down into three simple categories.


At school this means reducing our waste and making sure it’s non-toxic-bio-degradable. It includes reviewing our supplies at school, such as detergents, paper towels, plates, etc~ and making sure we are using the most environmentally correct product or method. Also, thoroughly reviewing the Spring Fair and addressing any ways in which we can environmentally improve it is very important. The list goes on. Basically anything we can do to lessen the schools negative impact on the environment is our goal. Fundamentally though, we have been and will continue to be a low impact, green school.

However, there are probably more things we can all do at home. The Green Committee hopes to periodically present a new topic for our families to focus on at home. Usually this will be something very simple and perhaps overlooked, but with a real net gain. The biggest things you could do to improve the environment would be to quit eating meat, quit driving your car, and quit buying so much stuff. Those are three of the biggest offenders. But that’s probably not going to happen for everybody. The goal is not to turn your lives upside down and discourage you from acting environmentally. It’s to encourage you to take some steps in that direction. We think that over the course of a year we can, month by month, one at a time, change our habits and make a healthy impact on our community and the environment.

Most of what we’ll be teaching our children will be through example. Building sustainable habits, developing an environmental awareness. There’s no shortage of good ideas to incorporate into the curriculum, in concert with the teachers. Hopefully, we’ll be scheduling related field trips, art projects, tree plantings and other events at school that revolve around sustainable themes. So, in broad strokes that’s what it is. What we can do at school, what we can do at home, and what we can teach our children.


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