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What parents say

StorytimeWhat’s it like to be in a coop?
“To me a co-op is about sharing ideas and responsibilities, caring about the needs of a group and actively participating with the running of that group, and being involved on a daily basis with your child’s livelihood and growth.”

Is there a lot of work involved?
“There is definitely work involved but it’s a group effort and on the whole, everyone does their fair share and we all reap the benefits.”

Is it worth it?
“There is no contest that it’s worth it. To be in a school situation with “hands-on” participation by the parents is invaluable, especially in these early years. Not only is it beneficial for the parents, but the child benefits ten-fold. It is a constant learning experience for the child in people skills, group co-operation and participation and just plain group fun, for they see and emulate their parents in these situations. It also enhances the importance of community and of course, being able to be at school with Mom or Dad, only helps to ease the inevitable separation to come later in kindergarten.”

What’s the best thing about this school?
“For me, the best thing is that my child has “top of the line” teachers that truly care about her and are great role models in her most formative years. If she walks away from this school with only the respect for teachers they have instilled in her, I couldn’t be happier. The other best thing is that there are 25 other Mom’s and Dad’s that care about her well being. Their experiences, conversation and the guidance they have given my child thus far have been invaluable. ”

What’s the most challenging?
“The most challenging is hoping that I can give the other children the wonderful guidance and friendship that I’ve seen the other parents give my daughter.

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