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About Neighborhood Nursery School

Circle time at NNS.
The Neighborhood Nursery School has been serving young Los Angeles Families for half a century, beginning at a site on the south end of the Silver Lake reservoir in 1952, and moving to the other end of the reservoir in 1976.

We are a non-profit cooperative, which means that parents are active and essential partners with our certified teachers in the running of the school. Parents work as teaching assistants, maintain the buildings and grounds, and organize fund-raisers, including the annual spring fair which has become a Silver Lake community tradition.

The curriculum at NNS is based on the interests, needs and abilities of children aged three to five. Children choose freely from a wide range of activities and play options that promote socialization and lay the groundwork for later schooling.

NNS has provided a stimulating and formative preschool experience for over 1400 children, while monthly parent education presentations have helped their parents understand child development and meet the many challenges of raising a family.

Neighborhood Nursery School is licensed by the Department of Social Services of the State of California & by the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services. We are members of the Los Angeles Council of Parent Participatory Nursery Schools and the California Council of Parent Participatory Nursery Schools.

Established: 1952

Enrolls: Children three to five years of age. All races, ethnic groups, family structures, and religions welcome. Toilet training not required.

Visiting Days: The Neighborhood Nursery School welcomes visitors wishing to come by and see the school in operation. You and your child can spend the morning with us and meet the teachers, the membership chairperson and parents. Call for an appointment.

Admissions: Admission decisions are based on a number of factors. Admission is not first-come, first-served. Alumni families who left the school in good standing are given preference. Also, in every case, the composition of the current student population is considered. For more information see admissions procedure.

Ownership: NNS is a cooperative, owned and operated by the parents of its students. Parents participate in the school’s daily operations, administration and maintenance through regular work days as teaching assistants, committee work, fund-raising, and monthly business meetings.

Schedule: Monday through Friday, 9:00 – 12:00, September through June, plus a six-week summer session. Three year olds begin at two days per week. Children may attend two, three, four, or five days a week, depending on space availability and teacher approval. Rainy Day School is held at Silver Lake Presbyterian Church, 2930 Hyperion Avenue. If there is sufficient need and interest, a Pre-kindergarten Afternoon Program is offered in the spring twice a week for 8 weeks.

Capacity: 24 children a day

Ratio: Usually one adult to three or four children; never higher than one adult to five children.

Funded by: Tuition plus parent-run fund-raisers, including a Spring Fair & Auction.

Tuition Aid: A limited amount of tuition aid is available. After admission to the school, families may apply for grants of tuition aid by filling out a request form and submitting it to the Board (elected parent officers and teachers). Interest-free loans are also available.

Parent Education: Topics related to child development and parenting are included in the monthly parent meetings geared to the developmental needs, interests, and abilities of young children. Age-appropriate activities are provided in a safe, stimulating, open environment where children make their own choices. Our program includes all aspects of experiential learning: social, emotional, intellectual, creative, and physical. On any day at our school, you will find children painting, pretending, gardening, digging, climbing, building, listening to stories, dictating in journals, drawing, singing, dancing, resolving conflicts, running, conversing, cooking, observing, and more.

Teacher-Director Jane Farrell (joined NNS in 2001)
Teacher Teri Andrews (joined NNS in 1988)
Teacher China Kelly (joined NNS in 2011)
Substitute Teacher Noelle Sickels (joined NNS in 1985)
All are certified Early Childhood Educators.

2 days a week: $235 a month
3 days a week: $245 a month
4 days a week: $260 a month
5 days a week: $275 a month

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